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Kick Start #286

Newsletter #286
November 25-26th, 2009 Featured Sponsor:

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Happy Thanksgiving... by Ian Shires

Well it's official, the holidays have landed, and even though the stores seem to have skipped it in favor of Christmas displays, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA, a fairly odd holiday but has a nice thought behind it. So families across the country will gather and eat and hopefully take the time to do the important thing in it - give thanks to all the blessings that are in their lives. As all of our struggles, hopes, dreams, and worries and everything boil down to this: Here we are in one moment in time. Trying to be the best we can be. If a spotlight shines on you to give thanks...please don't hesitate. Tell the people you care about, what you feel.

Anyway, I'm currently working on a number of things, now that I've gotten all the Idol books out the door, and cleaned up my inbox some. I've finally restored the forum posts from pre-September into an archive spot, so that I can complete the re-presentation of Idol 2009 at the Idol site. I have other data and posts I hope to salvage to piece together one full archive eventually (I'll probably seek help on it!) as I've tested merging SMF databases before and it is it's a matter of doing old site version restores and then conversions, and then mergings. The old posts are always interesting...and we'd like to have the full history of the SPA available as we go forward. But I'll probably put up the older years of Idol without the forum links till we can get that into action. Main priority is to have 2009 up so we can use it as example for 2010's big show...

So I'm gonna go work on that, hope everyone has a great holiday, and stops in at the SPA to say hi. If you haven't been by lately, stop in!


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Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa

New Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa web comic is Up along with an Interview with the Artist! Page 7 of Kim's Story (from the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa graphic
novel) is up over at If you have not been following this free story and you are a reader of the Jetta graphic novels, then shame on you. This story ties directly into the middle of the first graphic novel, Jetta: Defiance, and follows the adventure of Kim and his small band of Toshigawa ninja. We also have an interview with the artist on said story as well, SEAN IZAAKSE. See what he has to say about creating comics and his artwork. Check it out. What do you have to lose? It's free.


The Billy Black + Trouble Show

The Billy Black + Trouble Show comic strip online! Thanksgiving special plus two more new comic strips posted. The Billy Black + Trouble show is a free online comic strip updated every Sunday from The strip follows the life of Billy Black, a man who lives his life under an always dark cloud, and his small family; the ever-cheery Beah and their notoriously troublesome cat Trouble. The comics are created in Tacoma, WA by Illustrator/Creator William (Billy) E. G. Johnson.


Chickenhare News

The third volume of Chris Grine's Eisner Award-nominated graphic novel series Chickenhare debuts November 27 in an all-new format -- free, online, and in full color! In Chickenhare Vol. 3: Fish & Grymps, Grine's delightfully odd cast of characters--Chickenhare, Abe, Meg, Banjo, and Scabby--find themselves trapped on a mysterious island where danger lurks around every bend, and where a crazed scientist conducts unnatural, sinister experiments as a way of "making" new friends. The new webcomic will be published twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

After publishing the first two volumes of Chickenhare as original black and white graphic novels with Dark Horse Comics, Grine is refocusing his publishing efforts online in hopes of broadening the audience of his critically acclaimed series. "As a physical book," he said, "I always wanted Chickenhare to find its way into the hands of more readers. By publishing the new series free and online, I can not only reach a much wider audience--I get to enjoy the ride with Chickenhare fans as each new installment is posted."

Grine also welcomes the efficiency of publishing online: "When Volume 3 is complete, I can roll right into the next Chickenhare story, and readers won't have to wait to find out what the next adventure will be." Beautifully illustrated, filled with thrilling adventure, and written with great imagination and humor, Chickenhare is a kids' book series that discerning readers of all ages can enjoy. Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo said, "Chris Grine has a delightfully deranged imagination, and he knows how to tell one heck of a good story." Jeff Smith, the creator of the epic masterpiece Bone, said "Fun, witty characters and sharp drawings bring Chickenhare to life, but something dark lurks just beneath the surface . . . a mysterious and quirky adventure."

Don't miss your chance to experience the wonderfully weird world of Chickenhare when Chickenhare Vol. 3: Fish & Grymps debuts online November 27! Visit for more details.


Lutu Warrior of the North

Lutu Warrior of the North Comic Book Issue One Out Now Cover Price $4.00 Ronin Studios. Lutu Warrior of the North is the creation of Artist Steve Coffin. The Comic is Steve's sixth comic book and it was inspired by the stories of Asterix the Gaul, Xena Warrior Princess and Red Sonja. Lutu is a Sword and Sorcery comedy adventure where the heroine in not a muscle bound Barbarian but a plus size cook. She is thrown into the warrior world when her twin sister, the famous warrior, goes missing at the Battle of Brantiok.

With the help of Sword Master Han, and the gastronomic Dragon Mo, she takes on her sister's identity in hopes of finding her...."When the age of ice came to an end tales of a great warrior called Lutu came south. This is the story of Lutu, or rather her twin sister Lutu, the lesser known one who was good at cooking.." It is available online through and it is aimed at a (PG) audience 'and upwards'.

Lutu Warrior of the North TM and Steve Coffin 2008-2009. All rights reserved.


Scar Comics up for award


James Mckay, artist on Marraquai from Independent British publishers Scar Comics has made the finals of the Arts Foundation Fellowship award for 2010. This award is intended for those artists who are achieving a high level of quality and recognition but need a concentrated period of time working on their ideas in order to make a break through in their careers. This is the first year that Graphic Novels has been a category in the awards: Fine Art, Jewellery, Cinematography are some of the other categories. The prize is 10,000 and can pay for a period of time not working, equipment, trips to meet publishers etc. The entrants must detail what they will spend the award on.

The award is not open to application - the entrants are nominated by recognized experts in their field. The entrants are then short-listed down to four by a panel of judges, and the final award will be announced at a ceremony in London in January 2010. The other three finalists were: Karrie Fransman, Kate Brown and Bill Bragg. The four finalists were invited to present their work at the ICA on 15th November 2009, in interview with a panel: Paul Gravett, Pat Mills and Posy Simmonds.
The evening began with a discussion by the panelists about the comics scene today and the challenges facing newcomers trying to make a career in comics.

The finalists then gave presentations lasting about 20 minutes about their work. James talked about 'City of Secrets' and 'Marraquai', his background including freelance illustration including dinosaurs for children's magazines, and concept designs for computer games, and then detailed his influences including Moebius, Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley and illustrators such as William Stout and Charles Keeping. He then talked about his working methods, and future work including 'Children of the Moon' with Ben Dickson, and 'ThunderLizard' with Steve White (an editor at Titan).

The audience were excited about the future projects especially anything to do with dinosaurs, and Pat Mills discussed working with James on his major new project he has ready to go into production! The evening closed with drinks and the chance for the audience to view the finalists' portfolios and copies of their work. It was a great evening and all the artists enjoyed meeting each other regardless of the fact that they were in competition!

To find out more about Scar Comics you can visit their main website at:


Iraq & Afghanistan Benefit Membership Drive

"New Announcement!!!! I have decided that along with the special 600 members Limited edition print that if we make it to 800 members by the end of this month I will have a contest among the 800 members in the group and One person will win a 16x20 original oil painting of whatever military theme related to the Troops who have served in this war, the winner would like! And the contest is this I want the members to do a drawing ,poem, story ,video or whatever you talent is and tell me what the men and women fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan mean to you ! SO there you have it! So its 800 members by Monday November 30th at 9:00 pm EST to be able to do this contest. If we dont have 800 members by then ,the contest will not take place."


Americans UK News

Americans UK #3 is available for FREE download! Brooklyn sci-fi rockers Americans UK have traveled to the future to save their murdered band mates! Once there, they must meet with the Robot Rebellion and avoid capture by The Legion of Stang. Visit to download ALL of our comics and the I, Ape-Man EP for FREE! Download our full length album Rocktronic on iTunes!


Cynicalman Movie News

Minicomic artist Matt Feazell has completed work on the storyboards for a feature film that he is writing and directing about The Amazing Cynicalman. After scanning in all the drawings with help from fellow cartoonists Gary Freeman and Jim Mackey, the final count was a whopping 417 pages containing 1260 camera shots.

"It sure took a lot of paper to storyboard the whole thing," said Feazell, "I never knew making movies took so much paper." The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in April, 2010. It's being produced by No Fun Films, a small film production company in Warren, Michigan. No Fun Films boasts yet another cartoonist, Aaron Trudgeon, as one of its producers.



YI SOON SHIN is the sixteenth century Korean Naval Admiral widely regarded as the greatest military mind in the history of the world so-much-so that he is revered, even today, by the Japanese who he battled undefeated as he protected his beloved Korea during the Seven Year War that began in 1592. YI SOON SHIN is a hero that other heroes bow to. Among the greatest warriors of the world he is called a GOD OF WAR. Yet, here in the West, with the exception of military historians, his exploits are completely unknown...Fortunately, the tremendous medium of comics excels at bringing heroes and gods alive.

YI SOON SHIN will finally have his chance to have his monumental story told with inspired writing, lavish art, brilliant colors, reverent design and masterful editing. The international creative team headed by Producer/Writer Onrie Kompan of Chicago, also consists of Italian artist Giovani Paolo Timpano, colorist, Adriana De Los Santos and designer Joel Saavedra both of Argentina, and renowned Georgia based comics editor David Anthony Kraft. YI SOON SHIN Warrior and Defender has all the opulence, savagery, intrigue and action one would expect of a great fantasy or barbarian comic with one exception, this story is real, carved in the annals of history forever. This adventure does more than force you to turn each page and make you beg for each new issue. It sends you running to the Internet to learn more about the hero and the more you know the more you will want to read the rest of his fabled tale! To experience the first installment of YI SOON SHIN on CO2 Comics visit this address:

YI SOON SHIN is a work in progress as each issue of this limited series builds to an epic conclusion. Producer/writer Onrie Kompan currently self publishes YI SOON SHIN in comic book format and is looking for a book publisher of this limited series. He has embraced the proven concept of free content on the web to promote his work and we at CO2 Comics are thrilled that he has accepted our invitation to exhibit this valiant feature in our comic viewer.



LENGTH: 70 min & 44 sec. # OF TRACKS: 11 - RYAN CROUSE: Guitars, Recordings, Mixing, Synths, Drums (PC) - SAM DERKATCH: Bass Guitar. Iron Dragon is intended as an Instrumental Heavy Metal Musical Project.

This album is a Epic/Progressive/Power Metal Concept of sorts - a much different direction than the first CD was. It "Instrumentally" tells the story of a Battle within a Kingdom somewhere deep within the Realms of Fantasy, as far as your mind can take you. A mighty castle must stand Strong and resist the evil forces that are all around them. In order to do so, the warriors inside prey to their Gods that their Legendary "Gates Of Sand" can take the Damage in which it is about to endure! Is there Betrayal by the King? Will the Gates hold up against the darkness of the other side throughout the night? When day breaks, will this once mighty castle still stand strong? There is only one way to find out ...
This CD was Inspired by bands such as ... Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath (DIO years), Iced Earth, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Man-O-War, HammerFall.


Dimestore Productions is at: P.O. Box 214, Madison, OH 44057



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